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Isn’t Vampire Jungkook over yet? Destructive Jimin, please say something. BTS’ official Twitter account shared the first of Jimin’s ‘photofolio’ images on Monday (September 26), showing the singer sporting a dark look in black-and-white leather and a silver chain.


Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

A new solo image, arriving after RM and Jungkook’s respective photobooks, features Jimin smoldering for the camera in all black, including elbow-length lace-up gloves. is posing in a black ensemble with a black geometric mask with high ears and deer antlers, later appearing in a chain heavy white ensemble while posing inside a masked mannequin. increase.

BTS’ official Twitter account read, “Me, me, and Jimin. ID: Chaos. Along with the new photos, a behind-the-scenes production film from the photo shoot was also released, with the K-pop star sharing his feelings and the origins of the theme. I’m talking

“I still have time, so I think it would be nice to wear white for this concept. It would look prettier because the concept is my raw self,” Jimin posed in a lighter, flowier outfit. “I think a white costume fits the concept better than a black or colored one because I think it can put a lot of emotion into it.” — he ruffles the print — “The concept is my inner self, so when it comes to presentation, I can go from the third look to rough makeup.”

In a later scene, Jimin says, “This is a black outfit,” referring to the shiny black leather look before stating, “But this is the original me.”

Pre-orders and release dates for Jimin’s photobook have not yet been announced. If you want every member of BTS to have a copy of ‘Photofolio’, let’s make that wish come true. A special book is planned for each member.

Check out Jimin’s new photos, behind-the-scenes video, and concept film below.

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