Pregnant Brittany Mahomes Poses in Naked Dress with Daughter Sterling in Maternity Photo Shoot

Pregnant Brittany Mahomes spends time with Patrick Mahomes’ family before Sunday night football

Brittany Mahomes Instagram

Brittany Mahomes gives a sneak peek into her intimate maternity photoshoot.

On Friday, the pregnant Kansas City current co-owner, 27, shared a new snap from her photoshoot on her Instagram story. In this photo, her mom of two poses in a beige nude dress with her daughter Sterling Skye, 20. She has been sitting on her mother’s baby bump for months.

Brittany, who is pregnant with her second son with husband Patrick Mahomes, has only seen her and Sterling from the top down.

“My girl,” the fitness trainer wrote on the sweet photo.

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Birth of Brittany Mahomes

Birth of Brittany Mahomes

Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

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Last week, Brittany gave fans another look at her maternity photoshoot, sharing a sexy snap as she posed against a white curtain wall wearing a white bra and a floor-length cloak of pearls. .

She was partially silhouetted under a sheer cloak, so her baby bump was on full display.

In October, the businesswoman shared additional behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot. This includes a close-up of her hair and makeup incorporating pearl dots around her brows and eyes.

Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

She also took pictures of the area where filming takes place. There, white and beige curtains are on display, and the fog machine adds to the atmosphere.

“I can’t wait to show you the magic we created today,” the Brittany photographer wrote of the shoot.

Brittany, 27, and Patrick announced they are expecting another baby in May.

The pair posted a photo on Instagram, with additional photos of Sterling Skye holding a board that read, “Sister’s mission coming soon,” and an ultrasound photo. I captioned it, “Round 2! 🤍.”

Brittany Mahomes

Brittany Mahomes

Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

The couple announced they were expecting a baby boy a month later in a cute gender-revealing photo shoot they shared with PEOPLE.

Brittany and Patrick wore sweatshirts that read “Baby Mahomes Boy or Girl” with the word “Boy” behind a blue paint splattered poster.

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