Professional Headshot Photography in New York

If you are an actor or a model, you will need a professional portrait photography.This type of photographic art allows you to convey as accurately as possible the main features of a person’s personality and their appearance. You can order New York headshots on his website at GORNPHOTO. Lev Gorn can help you create the most spectacular images that convey emotion in your photos.

How to prepare for headshots

Before you start taking headshots in New York, you need to decide on your image and prepare for the photo shoot. The first things to do are:

  • Choose a hairstyle that can emphasize the image.
  • Makeup should be saturated so that exquisite facial features can be seen in the photo.
  • To prevent your face from looking tired and puffy in the photo, it’s best not to drink a lot of water the day before your photo shoot and stick to your diet.
  • You should also bring accessories to help you complete your portrait shoot.

Don’t experiment with looks before shooting. It’s best to wear makeup that makes you feel confident.


Lev Gorn approaches the photographic process not just professionally, but with an innovative approach. Lev is able to uniquely convey the true essence of each actor, model, and having a quality portfolio that allows commissions to give you the right role.

During the filming, there is nothing wrong with Mr. Leo, who skillfully guides you, so you can feel like you are filming a movie.

Your ideas are always taken into consideration, which makes the shoot realistic and relaxed. You can feel like yourself and get nothing but pleasure from the photo shoot.

How to apply for photography

The GORNPHOTO website allows you to order headshots in New York. In a special section all the nuances of photography are listed and you can also read about our pricing policy. You can also apply for a free consultation. This will help you get expert advice on choosing costumes, images, and proper angles.

Location is especially important in any photo shoot. Together with Lev, you can choose the most appropriate locations in New York City that match the theme of your shoot. It can be residential, parks, entertainment venues, museums, and many other locations. Lev creates a unique atmosphere of comfort for each client. This not only affects the high quality of his original photos, but also removes any stiffness or embarrassment.

Today Lev’s work is published in the world’s best magazines, photo exhibitions and modern advertising companies. His personal experience and professionalism allow Lev to create unique photographs.

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