Ria’s Sweet Creations is Baking Creative Deliciousness In Washington Township

Local sisters Maria and Monica have been baking delicious treats at Ria’s Sweet Creations Bakery on Tuckahoe Road for the past year, and 42Freeway recently stopped by to check out and taste the wide variety of creative baked goods. rice field.

There are many great bakeries in the area, but what makes Ria unique is the range of amazingly creative and delicious things they make. Cakes, cookies, donuts, gourmet popcorn, pizzels, marshmallow pops and more! And even delicious hot coffee!

Ria’s Sweet Creations is now open on Tuckahoe Road in Washington Township. It’s never too late to pick up your holiday orders.

Ria’s Sweet Creations Bakery is located on Tuckahoe Road past the Walmart shopping center on the right.

Many remember this building as ARC Sunshine Bakery, but it is now a fully independent bakery run by two sisters who grew up in Williamstown. Today they live in Washington Township and Williamstown.

Additionally, they are looking into the details of bringing ARC individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities into the bakery to learn skills as interns!

Maria and Monica are the two sisters behind Ria’s Sweet Creations in Washington Township, New Jersey.

I don’t usually write about when a building or business changes ownership. As an example, his Polizzi’s pizza, which took over the previous Amalfi pizza and brought Detroit-style pizza to the area, had more stories for readers to “clench their teeth.”

After finding out what the two sisters at Ria’s Sweet Creations are creating, they knew they had to share their business with 42Freeway’s readers.

Ria’s Sweet Creations is now open on Tuckahoe Road in Washington Township. It’s never too late to pick up your holiday orders.

First, if you’re on Facebook, like our page now. They do a great job of sharing all of their latest baked goods and honestly tell a better story than a long piece of prose I can write! there are people

A large collection of Ria’s baked sweets!

Yes, they have stunningly beautiful cakes that are worthy of a bakery store on their own, but what sets Ria’s apart is the beautiful cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and even green and red Christmas popcorn and store-made. A large selection of freshly baked pizza! A wide variety of delicious treats!

It all started with great specialty cakes, and now Ria’s Sweet Creations is a full retail bakery on Tuckahoe Road in Washington Township.

I was surprised by the variety and how it looked like it was published in a magazine.

Monica replied, here”

It reminded me of a scene in a Willy Wonka movie with a big fantasy candy room and Willy Wonka saying, “Everything in here is edible!”

Ria’s Sweet Creations in Washington Twp offers more than just cakes: donuts, cupcakes, gourmet popcorn, baked bars and more. Hot coffee is also delicious!

Maria said the two had been baking specialty cakes for years, but when the opportunity arose to take over the bakery and retail store, they took the leap to expand their business.

I’m sure they felt it was a big risk, but with the baking and decorating talents the two have honed over the years, it all seems to work perfectly!

I think what really impressed me was the really beautifully crafted baked goods paired with tackle and a great variety of products.

Cupcakes brought home for young children in the 42Freeway headquarters area. Ok, I had one for myself too! delicious! Ria’s Sweet Creations on Tuckahoe Road Washington Township

There are many successful bakeries that specialize in just cakes, just cupcakes, or just donuts.

At Ria’s Sweet Creations, you’ll find all of these products plus specialty products like cake pops, pizarre, gourmet popcorn, and more.

Additionally, Maria and Monica are such lovely, fun ladies who live in Washington Township and Williamstown.

I was blown away by what I saw in the store, but looking at the photos on Facebook, it seems like a never-ending stream of ideas, both for the types of sweets they make and the variety of things they make with each type.

A delicious bouquet… COOKIES! Talk about creative baking!Got a fancy cake or cookie idea? Stop by Ria’s Sweet Creations on Tuckahoe Road Washington Township and chat with Maria and Monica

Cake for your special day? absolutely! But how about something like autumn pumpkins with fall roses? Or how about a cannoli cake?

The cupcakes look like they’ve just been brought in from a food magazine photo shoot, and every detail is impeccably done. The styles and flavors are amazingly creative. Each piece is like art! And they taste as good as they look!

For cookies, they have all the classic favorites, but can make custom designs and flavors for special events.A truly original design and style! You can also print custom graphics or sayings on your cookies.

At Ria’s Sweet Creations on Tuckahoe Road Washington Township, you can always pick up a variety of freshly baked cookies, but they can also make custom cookies for your next event.

Did I mention they make donuts? Lots of donuts that go well with freshly brewed hot coffee!

Each of the items above could be an individual business of the bakery, and they’re all at Ria’s Sweet Creations!

Hot cocoa bomb! I’m not sure if these were the problem, but I saw them and I have to try them! Ria’s Sweet Creations on Tuckahoe Road Washington Township

But that’s not enough… We also have specialty baked sweets…

Hot cocoa bombs with different Christmas decorations, including Grinch!

Hot coffee and scones! ! Did I mention they serve coffee too?

Donuts and hot coffee! Ria’s Sweet Creations on Tuckahoe Road Washington Township

Various flavors and styles of gourmet popcorn and chocolate covered pretzels.

Cake Pops and Marshmallow Pops also look incredible and are more than round balls on a stick. There are wreath cake pops shaped like wreaths. And a very cute decorated snowman version.

Macaroons, gingerbread bars, peanut brite and twisted white chocolate covered pretzels.

It just goes on!

Creative gourmet popcorn from Ria’s Sweet Creations in Tuckahoe Road Washington Township

Thanks for reading this far. But seriously you have to do two things.

  • Like their Facebook page because they do a great job of keeping you updated with their latest creations!
  • Please go to the bakery shop. Sweet Creations from Ria on Tuckahoe Road!

The hardest part of writing this article is choosing just a few photos to use from hundreds of great options!

Ria’s Sweet Creations on Tuckahoe Road Washington Township

link and location

Ria’s Sweet Creations
704 Tuckahoe Road
sewell, new jersey



Our current opening hours are:

  • Monday-Friday 15:00-19:00
  • Saturday – Sunday 10am – 6pm
Wow!Maria and Monica even make their very own Pizzelle cookies at Ria’s Sweet Creations in Tuckahoe Road Washington Township

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