Rita Wilson Discusses Her New Track ‘Til You’re Home’ and Wanting to Produce ‘Hopeful Content’

Rita Wilson discusses the special meaning behind her new song ‘Til You’re Home’ with Sebastian Yatra.

Multi-hyphen star 66 tells PEOPLE that when she starts writing the track it will serve as a theme for her next film a man named Ottostarring husband Tom Hanks – with songwriter David Hodges, she remembered a friend telling her, “The conversation is going on,” after her father’s death.

“I didn’t know it at the time, but it did,” Wilson says. “I talk to my parents. I talk to my friends who have passed away. Their presence is, in some ways, as vibrant as they were when they were alive. That was the starting point.”

From there, Wilson pondered the idea of ​​the house and how it related to the story of the house. a man named OttoBased on the book A Man Called Ove, the film centers around the moody Otto Anderson (played by Hanks) who has lost his purpose in life after losing his wife. His life turned around when a young family moved in next door.

“Home is where you feel safest and where you feel most yourself,” she says. “Home is not where home is, it’s where family is.”

Rita Wilson enlisted Sebastian Yatra’s help for her new single ‘Till You Are Home’

harper smith Rita Wilson

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“Til You’re Home” was born with such thoughts. When it came time to record the song, Wilson immediately came up with a duet with Sebastian Yatra as his partner. charm.

“We were incredibly lucky that he said ‘yes’ and all the planets aligned,” Wilson said in an earlier statement.

Rita Wilson enlisted Sebastian Yatra's help for her new single 'Till You Are Home'

Rita Wilson enlisted Sebastian Yatra’s help for her new single ‘Till You Are Home’

Eric Kituizaka Sebastian Yatra

Along with writing “Til You’re Home”, a man named OttoWilson also served as a producer.

“It took five years from the time I first made the phone call to get the rights to the premiere at the Academy Museum to the time I saw this film. [in Los Angeles]’ she says. They need to be raised, they need to be shepherded. ”

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Although the film isn’t set at Christmas, Wilson said, “It’s a hopeful film. it’s a wonderful life I feel hope. ”

“Someone who chooses life after coming out of a very dark place,” she says. It’s such a beautiful feeling when you can remember.”

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a man named Otto Here’s just some of what’s to come from Wilson, who launched her new film production company, Artistic Films, last week.

“My production company is a way to embrace and pursue inspirational and hopeful content,” she says. “With music, you also have the ability to do that. When you’re writing a song, you can’t hide behind anything. In a way, I think it inspired me to want to have a production company.” I want to see more films that give people hope and a sense of community.”

a man named Otto Hits December 25th in select theaters, then everywhere on January 13th.

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