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Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s two eldest daughters, Rumer Willis and Scout Willis, have lit up their Instagram timelines with a rare and love-filled photoshoot. On Nov. 14, Scout uploaded a series of photos of her and her older sister Rumer, along with captions. Never underestimate the power of the “me to me” gift. Rumer and I shared some of our favorite self gift ideas live with @freepeople. Link to my story #freepeoplepartner.

Scouts and Rumers look very chic in the photo. Scout wears a yellow and white winter ensemble while Rumer wears an all-black ensemble. In the second photo you can see them posing with a peace sign. Totally Sympatico. It is followed by another snapshot of her posing with her arms raised.

As Scout said in the caption, you can find our holiday gift guide for Free People on her Instagram Story. From long dresses to colorful leggings, you can dress like her two fashionable and multifaceted stars.

Rumer, 34, is the eldest of Bruce’s daughters. He also has two of his children with his ex-wife Moore. Scout, 31, and he’s Tallulah, 28. In addition to that, Bruce and his wife Emma Hemming have his two daughters named 10-year-old Mabel his girlfriend Ray and his 7-year-old Evelyn her Penn.

In a previous interview with cue up, Rumer spoke of her love for all her sisters and their close bond, saying: Two of them are very young… I am very grateful for the support system of women who can talk about anything. She can talk to them about her sexuality, her body image, her weird rashes on her back, how she shouldn’t compare her body to theirs. ”

She added: Like our sisters, we’ve all compared ourselves at some point, but we try to see these differences as reminders to celebrate our own uniqueness. It’s amazing how much self-acceptance we have in childhood before we do.

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