RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 episodes 1 and 2 recap: One Night Only

On January 6th, ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ season 15 premiered and all 16 new queens entered the Werk Room. Over the course of her two-part episode of an epic two hours, her two groups of eight queens, split into a fake “split premiere,” are introduced to the introductory “One Night Only” talent she gathered on her floor for rehearsal before the showcase.

Sitting on the judges’ podium was the Emmy Award-winning host RuPaul Charleslongtime best friend Michelle Face and regular hosts Ross MatthewsThey were joined by pop megastars Ariana Grandereturning as a guest host for the second time since meeting the Queen for Season 7 in 2015.

The 16 queens participating in the competition are: amethyst, Anetra, Aura Mayari, Eileen Dubois, Jax, Lucy Raduca, Lux Noir London, Malaysian Babydoll Fox, March March March, Mistress Isabel Brooks, princess poppy, Robin Fierce, sarina es boobs, Sasha Colby, spicesWhen sugarCheck out the full recap of episodes 1 and 2 titled “One Night Only” below.

As usual, the premiere began with the Queen’s majestic entry into the workroom. This year’s kickoff was eventually merged into a fake split premiere, but only eight queens met each other in their first entrance sequence. It included Anetra, Malaysia, Poppy and Sasha. The highlight of their encounter was Irene and Aura’s willingness to throw shade at Lux for her “40-inch wig” claim and Marcia’s “basic” style. , the group was star-struck.She’s a 20-year veteran in the community, a former Miss Continental, and her mother Kelly Colby, and an overall legend. Sasha’s light dimmed because Cheerful And the entrance look of Ornasia, who reveals herself as Ariana!

Shortly after Ariana joined Queens, Lou came in for the first time to escort Queens to the set of their first mini-challenge, a photo shoot with a photographer Albert Sanchez In a recreation of the first challenge on the show. After posing next to a red Mustang while being hosed down by her crew, Ru chose Irene as the winner over surprised camera-ready fashion girls Luxx and Sasha.

Ru then asked the girls to prepare for their first maxi challenge. Each of them presents an introductory performance to the judges to showcase the talents of Capital T at the ‘One Night Only’ talent festival. Before that solo announcement, they had to create their own choreography for the “big opening” group number. On the set of group number rehearsals, both Marcia and Aura wore hats in the ring to lead the group’s choreography. Became showered and rejected Marcia’s ideas to overtake leadership roles.

Meanwhile, back in the freshly cleaned workroom, the other eight queens were preparing their entrances. Spices were included. Among this group were her three queens from Connecticut: Amethyst, Lucy and Robin. Sugar and Spice, known to most other girls for her media popularity as the queen of TikTok and social, was never keen on feeding her ego. The group was also joined by the mysterious Her Ninth Queen, but this time it was her Vivacious who actually arrived to guide her Ru to meet the Queen.

Lou again led the girls to a mini-challenge. The second photo shoot was aptly done as a tribute to the season 2 photo shoot where the Queen was blown away in a gale. It worked out for everyone except Spice, who decided to take it off and wear a shower cap instead.

After introducing the second group to the “One Night Only” maxi challenge, Ru stopped by the first group’s rehearsal to shock them with the first twist of the season.Split Premiere Wasn’t Real, All 16 Queens Played Big Opening Numbers togetherWhen the whole group came together in one room for the first time, Ru explained that they had to choreograph and perform the opening number as one group, after which all 16 gave their talented solo performances to be judged. I walked the runway before the crew sent one of them. They went home… “really.”

Halfway through planning the opening number, the first group of eight took the lead to weave the second group of eight. Unfortunately, the commotion between Marcia and Aura didn’t stop, and now Malaysia and Irene wanted to hear them too. Her second group on Queen did not have multiple voices. So Mistress talked about a group where leadership needs only one voice for him to bring a larger group all together on the same page.

Once the rehearsal session was complete, the 16 queens re-entered the work room to secure their workspace and get a glimpse of each other’s styles as each unpacked a plethora of crates of supplies. Sugar and Spice are notoriously time-consuming to draw faces, Amethyst used pancake-sized hip pads, and Lux’s 40-inch wig turned out to be not actually 40 inches. The cast was clearly divided into different levels and types, next to twins and young queens like Luxx who got their drag start in the media and veteran queens like Malaysia, Sasha and Mistress who grew up in the bar scene trenches. . Drag experience.

A talent show on the main stage saw the 16 queens open the night with a pageant-inspired group number, each showing off a bit of their own style. Subsequently, a total of 16 solo performances were announced in a row. Putting creativity aside to perform in a comfortable setting, the majority of queens simply presented candid lip-sync performances of pre-recorded songs. The queens of the were only Lucy, who sang live, Marcia, who danced ballet, Irene, who poured ice water into a glass, Anetra, who incorporated taekwondo, Poppy, who brought a parasite doll, and Jax. A person who interweaves acrobatics.

After the queens walked the catwalk for the first time in “Who Is She?” In the introductory category, Lou and her judges held off the six who made up the top and bottom of the week. These six were Irene, Marcia, Anetra, Amethyst, Jax and Lucy, and the remaining ten were declared safe for another week. Sense was praised, but the whole panel agreed that she hit the wrong beat with the Icewater joke, so it just lacked the humor it should have. I thought Marcia’s skit about a ballerina in love was very funny and well done. Lou is a big fan of both Anetra’s “walking f-ing ducks” catchphrase, which combines taekwondo kicks with Jax’s gymnastics and jump-rope bits, and she watches their performances on repeat all night long. said to them. Amethyst is called out by Lou for not having enough padding on her body, advised that the padding helps create the illusion of wanting to look in drag. It seemed like a gag-worthy moment to use like a jump rope. She called it a “game changer” and said that “something changed in the universe.” Finally, the judges applauded Lucy for taking the risk of singing live, but her decision compromised her ability to dance at higher energy levels and ultimately her vocals were pitched higher. became.

After further discussion between Ru and the judges, Anetra was announced as the winner of the week.Marcia and Jax were secured as the other two in the top group. Safety was given to Rousey by the bottom three, leaving Eileen and Amethyst as her two sets below to face off in Lip Sync For Your Life. To mark her Ariana’s return to the show, the two of her below performed her hit “7 Rings.” Already a huge fan of the song, Amethyst was apprehensive about performing in front of Ariana, but she was able to put her nervousness aside and properly interpret the song in a slow-tempo hip-hop atmosphere. I made it. Eileen incorporated twerking and flooring her performance into her own moves, but overall her energy and commitment to the song was much more subdued. Ultimately, Lou decided Amethyst was the winner and gave Eileen her first “Sachey” of the season.

next week: The queens break into small groups and pitch Lou about “visions of the afterlife” in the “All Queens Go to Heaven” parody video.

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