‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 15 premiere power ranking: Sweet 16

welcome to RuPaul’s Drag Race Power Ranking! Every Tuesday we report on the new episodes of the week. RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 will determine which queens are riding high and which ones need urgent care. And my goodness, are there a lot of queens this season? meet them.

16. Eileen DuBois—Fail

It’s really shocking to see Eileen go first. She was one of the most important storyline presences in this double premiere and it felt like her alien drag stood out among the other queens .Alas, her ice water act was poorly planned and failed to reach the absurd heights Willow Pill established last season. drag racing Wrap up that act to kick off the rumored early out season and put Eileen in the top 4 slot right away.

15. Amethyst

I respect Lou’s choice based on Lip Sync, but based on everything else, I sent Amethyst home this week. Her drag is not what Ru and the judges are trying to deal with. Start-up This season with the debate over padding is a bad sign. She needs to change course and go faster to get a real shot at staying in this competition.

14. Lucy Raduca

Loosey is easy to avoid, but nevertheless made a mistake he makes often. The reason you see the Queen lip-syncing on variety shows instead of singing live is because there’s less room for error. TRUE Hard to hold down a key. Lucky for Loosey, the judges clearly love her drag. Her bold interpretation of “Toxic” was also my favorite, but she needs to avoid making these kinds of mistakes in the future.

13. Auramayari

Orla avoided bottom with the simple virtue of having three times worse grades than her. The Queen of Nashville is certainly a strong dancer, and fans seem very enamored of her getting out of drag, but she just doesn’t manage to pop individualistically within a much larger character. Both her entrance and runway looks were underwhelming, and her choice to dance to a BLACKPINK song, while fun, left little room for an indication of who she was. Girlfriend as a queen. Not a strong start for Aura.

12. Malaysian Babydoll Fox

One of several queens who fell into the background as the episode progressed, Malaysia at least benefited from her fantastic fox entrance appearance. But I think she benefited greatly from actually performing live. She didn’t have much movement in her performance, so she could have been rapping on the spot and making more of an impression. Otherwise, the most notable thing about Malaysia this week is what looks like her match with Mistress Isabel Brooks for the queen of social media.

11. Robin Fierce

God bless “The Robin Fierce” as Ru calls her, but I’m really concerned about her ability to stand out in this group. Her previous escapades with Amethyst, another Connecticut Queen, but given how I predict what Amethyst will become, I’m not sure it will be enough to keep Robin. Her drag is objectively good, but I still don’t know what sets her apart in this crowd. Her Maxi Challenge performance was an extension of that. She danced and lip-synced well, but her whole performance felt a little subdued (especially when she came after Luxx Noir London, where she performed a similar act). I want to see Robin by my side, but she needs to find a way to break the noise.

10. Princess Poppy

Hooray No Expect ventriloquist-style acts with a parasite on her arm to be Poppy’s take to the table. I don’t quite get the “I’m gay… phobic” thing (that obviously feels like a common online joke, right?), but her artistic entrance look is probably I thought it sucked. But I was intrigued by her acting and some of the humor she brought to the show. It can stay longer than the edit indicates.

9. Sugar

someone else heard kill bill Siren when Spice says in her confession that Sugar is actually the one who takes care of Spice, even though she’s the “older twin”? What’s put down is that the editors are actually screaming that Sugar is sent home and Spice can have a growing arc without its sister. As for her output in this episode, Sugar was fun all the way through. Her survival in this competition basically depends on how long Lou lets both of her twins stay.

8. Salina Estes

i love salina Aside from Sasha Colby, she was my favorite going into this competition (but I have a whole new favorite after this premiere). I loved the flashy awards show intro. Her humor would need to be skewed to work for what. drag racing Her drag, in my eyes, is very specific and perfectly tuned, but not at the level of attractiveness that judges would normally expect. , I still don’t feel good about her potential.

7. Spices

I would argue against what appears to be a popular grain in this, and say I am far more interested in the drag of sugar than spice. As long as it’s actually very easily noticeable. But it’s worth noting that on the first runway, in a Belle and Ariel-inspired look, Sugar knocked her sister out of the park by delivering sheer glamour. The robbed Spice looked rougher in comparison. Ru loves that sort of thing, but I think Adore Delano has been refined throughout Season 6. The second Spice is a shower cap during a photo shoot mini-challenge. Ru’s interest was piqued. She’s been with her for a while.

6. Lux Noir London

We got many different dimensions from Luxx in just one episode. Along with her strong maxi performance in her challenge, we are confident in her potential. I was worried at first, especially when her Luxx made some disparaging comments about Eileen’s appearance (the “swamp witch” line was funny, but when Irene won she was photogenic I didn’t really say no). But I do appreciate her stories about the twins’ origins on social media.

I need to tell you a little about her runway look.Many were quick to compare it to Aquaria’s twin look from Season 10. Luxx herself rejected No comparisons intentional, but I’ll take her at her word (note the amazing coincidence that both were taken five years apart by photographer Tanner Abel). What I think that really means is that, as a show, it will run 15 seasons of the original series. all the stars and international versions — are expected to have a comparable appearance. it’s just a fact. There are no endless mines of ideas out there. I hope that when we see more similar looks like this, we will instinctively come to recognize the similarities and appreciate the merits of each rather than rushing to call someone a copy. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of time litigating these issues as the show continues.

5. Mistress Isabel Brooks

Some queens win the challenge. The other queen wins the episode.Isabelle definitely won episode, the most commanding narrative and the great respect of the other queens. Her transformation in drag has been incredible and I hope the judges will wake up and realize how sophisticated she is sooner or later. I think Ru will like it. darkMay Isabel be the beacon we need to bring back something more competitive and edgy drag racing!

4. Sasha Colby

I can’t think of a queen who received the same welcome as Sasha did when she walked through the door. Everyone, and instead of simply being afraid of her, they wanted to approach her immediately. I think it will do wonders for her in this competition. You wore a Continental crowning gown. A way to let them know how good you are from the start.

3. March March March

There are a lot of jokes about comparing Marcia and Jan, but I think this first episode showed why the Queen of New York doesn’t fall into the same trap. Her ballet performance was gorgeous and elegant, but she also made it pretty funny by wearing costumes and smashing Ross Matthews. It’s the one that Marcia runs into trouble with, however, in her makeup episode. Judges hate giving her notes twice, so she has to take them.

2. Jax

Literally any other week, Jax would have won easily this time. Her performance of jumping rope with her homemade wig was dynamite. And in all three of her looks throughout the episode, she flew away from repetitive looks, demonstrating her commitment to her Girl aesthetic. I personally respond really well to Jax. She has a laid-back demeanor, but she’s still giving her best in competition, and if she can keep that energy up, I think she’ll be in this for the long haul.

1. Anetra

My personal experience with these premiere episodes was a step-by-step journey to Stunning Anetra. I enjoyed her Meet the Queens (“Did you hear her voice? She’s really that girl!”), but I worried she was too reserved in this group. , she threw in some pretty funny lines throughout the episode (“I’m broke, so no”), but she never seemed like a real threat. But did she prove me wrong. Anetra’s Talent Her show performance was instantly legendary and one you’ll want to see again soon. And indeed, now that it’s online, I can’t stop watching. It was more than worthy of winning the Maxi Challenge. Welcome to the age of Anetra where all ducks walk.

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