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On Friday (June 10th), BTS gifted their loyal ARMY fan base with a new 3-disc anthology album. evidence, Each CD contains the group’s greatest hits and deep cuts handpicked from each of the seven members, plus brand new songs.

But that’s not the only ARMY gifted on Friday.

The photo features icy blue lighting with lasers of varying colors shone across the faces of the band members, as well as a crisp white and shadowy photo in front of a steel bank vault. is. You can see all three dozen new photos below.

3 new songs recorded in evidence “Run BTS,” “For Youth,” and “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” arrived with their music videos early Friday morning. As the song title promises, the best is still “Yet to Come.” To mark the band’s ninth anniversary on Monday, BTS will be announcing performances of all three new tracks on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel.

In a press release announcing the new album, RM of BTS said, “Every time we release new music for the first time, we get excited.” evidence This is a special album that concludes the first chapter of BTS, who are celebrating their 10th anniversary. I paid particular attention to the lyrics because the message to ARMY, who have been with me for 9 years, is the key to this album. “

See all 36 of the group’s new concept photos below.

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