See Reba McEntire and Boyfriend Rex Linn’s Couple Moment Get Ruined in Most Shocking Way

Life sometimes imitates art, Reba McEntire I know this very well.

Just a few weeks ago, on July 21st, the following big sky The actress was spotted doing a photoshoot with her longtime boyfriend (and future co-star) Rex LynnThe two people in casual clothes seemed to be enjoying a photo shoot by the river. However, the private time did not last long. Reba Co-star Melissa Peterman Showed up to capture her own version of a cute couple moment.

“We were just trying to do a quick photo shoot,” the “Fancy” singer jokingly captioned the clip on Instagram. “And then she showed up…”

As fans of the hit sitcom will remember, Melissa played Barbra Jean Hart. Her and Reba’s famous characters got off to a rough start, but the two women eventually become good friends. was Plus, what does it mean for Melissa to randomly appear on her social media?

Hulu’s “Reba”

“Calling for a reboot of Reba 👏👏👏👏,” one wrote in the comments section on Instagram. “I love you Reba and Melissa ❤️❤️,” added another. “Lol! Is she still stalking you? lolololololol😂” said, referring to

Fortunately, Reba The TV reunion is a realization of sorts. With the songstress of “I’m a Survivor” baby daddy actress Reunite on screen for a lifetime hammer next year. The duo play sisters who are polar opposites of each other, and judging by their first appearances in the film, that’s an understatement.

As for their actual friendship, the former co-stars have been in constant touch since then. Reba It ended in 2007. Not only did they work together on various projects, They have also maintained a lasting and special bond.

“I still consider her one of my best friends to this day,” Melissa told Fox News in August 2019 about her friendship with Reba. She’s one of those people you can really trust. ”

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