Shania Twain wows in cone bra for bold photoshoot but its her daring act that impresses fans the most

Beatrice Colon

Shania Twain’s The comeback is well underway, and she’s rocking every look she wears, from editorials to the red carpet.

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The stars are seriously booked and busy, As well as the release of the long-awaited new album,, queen of mearriving on February 3, 2023, but also returning to tour.

In light of her comeback, she’s put out some seriously glamorous looks and photoshoots. Her latest is no exception.

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Posing for an issue of The Sunday Times Style magazine, Shania proved she’s as great as she is bravestrikingly posing with a rather intimidating companion.

In a photo she shared on Instagram, perhaps her most daring, She is looking straight at the camera as the eagle rests on her arm and agapes its beak.

There’s a lot of daring in the stunning shot, from the eagle to Shania’s bright red lips, to a skin-tight silk bodysuit like a corn bra, and an oversized fluffy leopard print coat to top it off.

Shania looks glamorous and poised

The singer is cheeky in the caption, writing: “Listen – I’m an icon, we all know that” Before the joke: “But the real icon captured by @theststyle is clearly RUBY!” with the eagle emoji.

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Fans wrote in the comments section below the post, “Legends Supporting Legends”, “Icons = Iconic Shots”, and “This caption is literally half the reason why you’re actually there”, both icons immediately welcomed. In addition to “icon”, I also added another follower: “You are the queen and always will be.”

The star recently showed off a very pink hair transformation

in her comeback Shania hasn’t shied away from bold looksincluding topless poses for the cover of her new single, wake up dreaming. Talking about these days peopleshe opened up about the process of finally feeling confident in her skin and embracing her post-menopausal “new body.”

she said: “This is me expressing my truth. I feel good in my own skin. This is how I share that confidence.” She added, “I can’t put into words how good it felt to be photographed nude. As a post-menopausal woman, I wasn’t so ashamed of my new body. I wasn’t even emotional about it.” No; I feel okay about it. It’s really liberating.

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