snoop: Know about Snoop Dogg’s children and grandchildren as rapper’s family poses for Skims photoshoot

American rapper Snoop Dogg had a full-on photo shoot with his family in a SKIMS outfit to match Kim Kardashian’s fashion label. The singer had his wife Chante and her three grown children, Corde, Cordell, and Cori. Snoop Dogg’s grandson was also featured in the ad campaign.

The whole family wore the same clothes given by SKIMS. It is a cool black and gray checkered round neck upper and matching pajamas. This is SKIMS Cozy Collection nightwear. The family loves wearing those clothes and wanted her to wear SKIMS this holiday season. Snoop Dogg said about the ad. The entire family has appeared in the Kardashian ad campaign.

Earlier, when a tabloid questioned Snoop Dogg and Chante’s marriage, Chante said she had taken care of her husband’s deals before they got married. met at a football game at a school game. She didn’t give her own phone number, but she relented when they reunited months later. Snoop began following her up and they grew closer. When Snoop became famous, she made a deal for him. I got married in 1997 and gave birth to my first child in 1994.

Today’s Corde is the 27-year-old eldest son, an aspiring musician and rapper. He released his June 2022 track named ‘808’ and uses the name Kalvin Love. Corde has a child name “Shion” from his ex-girlfriend and another “Eleven” from his current partner Soraya Love. They had another grandson, who died when he was ten days old. Kai he is love

Kim Kardashian speaks out against Balenciaga’s holiday campaign

Kim Kardashian speaks out against Balenciaga’s holiday campaign

her statement

“Not because I’m disgusted or upset by the recent Balenciaga campaign, but because I wanted the opportunity to talk to their team and figure out for myself how this happened.” Sunday The reality star who tweeted at. She continued, “As a mother of four, I am disturbed by the disturbing image. Children’s safety must be respected to the utmost, and any attempt to normalize child abuse of any kind is unacceptable.” Attempts should have no place in our society.”

Cordell is the second child of Shante and Snoop, born in 1997. He aspired to be a footballer and was at UCLA for a short period of time, but he left UCLA and is now pursuing other avenues. Cordell launched a cryptocurrency startup and entertainment company where he also serves as his creative director for Hello. He is the father of his two adorable daughters with his girlfriend Fia Barragan.

Cori is the youngest daughter of Shantae and Snoop. She has lupus, a kind of disease, and Snoop Dogg can’t do anything about it and feels helpless. Cori fought the disease hard and she is now on the winning side. She is currently engaged to her boyfriend Wayne Duce.

Born Julian Broadus in 1998, Snoop is the father of this young man who is 24 years old after having a brief relationship with Laurie Helmond. He is his Executive of Marketing for Voxel X Network.

Snoop Dogg is one of many other models modeled after Kim Kardashian’s brand. Celebrities who modeled for Kim are Brooke Shields and Chelsea Handler. Megan Fox, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Alessandra Ambrosio.


  1. Name Snoop Dogg’s most popular albums.
  2. How much is Snoop Dogg’s Net Worth?
    $160 million

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