‘Superstore’ star Lauren Ash shocks fans with ‘teenage dream’ punk photo

Lauren Ash is totally embracing her new candy-colored hair. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Lauren Ash rocks her inner teen.

On Tuesday, the 39-year-old “Superstore” actress shared a punky snap taken during a recent photoshoot by Sergio Garcia.

Posing with a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, the Canadian star rocked her new pink hair, along with a hot pink plaid skirt, white fishnet stockings, and a white tank top. A choker, a dainty ring and two multicolored beaded bracelets complete the look.

To complete the look, Ash donned a punk-style makeup look featuring black eyeliner, pink lipstick, and pink shimmery eyeshadow done by Los Angeles-based makeup artist Aaron Paul. Brazilian-born celebrity hairstylist Gui Shedler styled the star’s candy-colored hair into effortless waves.

“I can’t wait anymore. I had to share some of my favorite photos from my latest shoot. The full photo shoot is yet to come, but somehow, while living my teenage dreams, I found myself It has become everything you dreamed of as a teenager,” Ash captioned the post.

Fans were shocked by Ash’s photo, with many showing their love for her new look.

“Has anyone seen my wig? It looks like it’s been snatched…” commented “Superstore” co-star Nico Santos.

“Oh, I wasn’t ready for this,” wrote comedian Justin Marino.

“Hmm. Replacement phone spontaneously caught fire. Don’t expect AppleCare to cover a third,” joked one fan.

“You look great. I’m so glad you feel you!!” added another.

“Let go of Avril [Lavigne] Vibes! ’ he replied one.

“You don’t just look good, you obviously feel good! Brava!” someone wrote.

Last week, Ash posted another “sneak peek” from the photo shoot, debuting her new pink hair for fans.

“I’m dying about these pics and I’ve officially entered the Jem era with this pink hair and I’ve never felt more myself! To my hair angel appreciate [Gui Schoedler] To the makeup gods for making this pink dream come true [Aaron Paul] For this perfect look,” Ash captioned the post. “Stay tuned for the final pics!!”

In the comments, fans raved about Ash’s beauty.

“OK, now we have to drop the album with this cover,” one replied.

“Lauren, you look like a bomb! Really suits you!” someone commented.

“I think I found your first album cover! It’s amazing,” raved another.

“How do you keep turning the clock back?” Fan added.

“Beautiful hair, beautiful face, beautiful people,” another voice echoed.

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