Tammy Hembrow divides fans with Kim Kardashian inspired oysters photoshoot

Tammy Hembrough gave Kim Kardashian a run for her money with the latest modeling shot from her fitness app.

The Australian social media star turned fitness guru promoted her app, Tammy Fit, by sharing a series of behind-the-scenes clips of her and her studio staff.

Check out the video above: Tammy Hembrough shares an oyster photoshoot.

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Who can forget Kardashian’s famous champagne shot on the cover of Paper Magazine?

Hembrow, 28, gave Kardashian a tray of oysters. She juggled deftly with her raised left leg.

“Not only are there new challenges starting with @tammyhembrowfitness in January, but so many new recipes are coming to the app, including my FAVE Oyster Mignonette,” she captioned a clip posted to Instagram on Sunday. attached.

Tammy Hembrough pose. credit: Instagram

Some viewers were quick to mention a similar “vibe” to Kardashian’s champagne photoshoot.

“This is better than Kim K’s champagne shots,” said one.

“Give Kim champagne 🍾 vibes 🔥,” was the second agreement.

“Tammy wins! Over Kim K’s champagne butt 🍾,” said one commenter.

Kim Kardashian’s 2014 Champagne photoshoot. credit: paper magazine

“Skim inspo?” one asked, referring to the Kardashian leisure line.

Others, on the other hand, found the photo shoot to be “ridiculous” and a “bad idea”.

Some said, “The photo shoot is a little overdone,” while others added that the idea of ​​oysters was “very weird.”

Marketing is divided, but it seems to be doing well, garnering nearly 2 million viewers since Christmas.

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The swimsuit photoshoot comes months after Hembrough gave birth to daughter Posey in June.

Posey is the first child with ex-fiancé Matt Poole.

She has two children, Wolf, 6, and Saskia, 5, with ex-wife Reese Hawkins.

News of Hembrow and Poole’s split came in early December, after they leaked the secret at a photo shoot.

Matt Poole, Tammy Hembrough, and her children Wolfe and Saskia. credit: Instagram

“Being a single mom of three is hard work,” the fitness star reportedly told her makeup artist, reports the Daily Mail.

“Tammy said she and Matt broke up some time ago and he’s on his own now. That’s why she brought baby Posey daughter to the set,” a source said. Told.

“Tammy said she’s doing her best to keep the friendship alive while sharing a little one.”

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