The Best Gifts to Give on Valentine’s Day in 2023

Valentine’s Day is very popular in Australia and we are in the middle of our beloved summer season. Enjoying the sunshine is even sweeter when you share it with someone! If you want to pamper your partner, search for ‘best valentine’s day gifts for him’ and ‘best valentine’s day gifts for her’. You may notice that there are

Well, your search may end here, as we’ve rounded up the best gift options for every interest and every budget. Let’s take a look at the best Valentine’s Day gifts for 2023.

adventure valentines day gift

Low budget (under $50)

Explore hiking trails together

Ah quick search Nearby hiking trails offer many options for adventure. National parks/reserves usually offer multiple trails to explore. Each trail has varying degrees of difficulty for different fitness levels. Adventuring through sheer waterfalls, conquering lofty vistas and spotting Australian wildlife is a truly unique Valentine’s Day experience.

You may need to purchase a day pass or vehicle fee (approximately $15) and bring plenty of water – Staying safe outdoors is important!

Medium budget ($50 – $100)

hiking shoes

We are all guilty of bringing old, battered shoes that are not suited to the unique Australian terrain of our hiking trails. Hiking boots and quality shoes are an investment to avoid having to massage your partner’s feet at the end of the day. mountain warehouse When north side A brand that sells quality hiking shoes for less than $100 and can greatly improve your hiking.

If you want to get a partner’s shoes suitable for outdoor and city, buy a voucher from the store. RM Williams Also brand stone – Two iconic Australian footwear brands.

High budget ($100+)

sky diving

Jumping out of a plane is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for adrenaline-seekers! skydive australia There are 17 locations in Australia and New Zealand, with prices starting at around $250. like the beach? Skydive in open water! do you like the country? The outback is infinite! We also offer video and photo packages for an additional fee. After all, there’s no better way to express your love than by recording the horror on your partner’s face.

creative valentines day gifts

Low budget (under $50)

Art gallery/museum ticket

The Australian art scene is a mix of contemporary, international and indigenous art across all mediums and themes. All citiesArt galleries and museums are generally free to enter, but some special exhibitions may require a fee to access.

Picking up souvenirs from the gift shop, such as exhibitor merchandise and trinkets by local artists, is a special Valentine’s Day keepsake to remember the day.

Medium budget ($50 – $100)

Pinot & Picasso

Art classes are a common gift for couples, Pinot & Picasso It is different from traditional lessons. With events across Australia, Pinot and Picasso offer a relaxed and social environment where you can create carefree art while enjoying a glass of wine. You can choose from several different painting styles/themes, and even have a special Valentine’s Day-themed experience.

High budget ($100+)

couple photo shoot

You can capture love this year by visiting a local photo studio near you or hiring a photographer for a couples photo shoot! Some couples bundles include wardrobe styling, hair, Makeup is included and the photographer’s keen eye will bring out the best for both you and your partner!

Some studios include photo studio in both Sydney and Melbourne, ammon creative in Perth. Exploring social media and Google searches are also great ways to find local photographers willing to capture your special day.

Homeware Valentine’s Day Gifts

Low budget (under $50)

We Are Not Really Strangers – Couples Card Game

Could you have played the infamous Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme? It’s a card game with friends, but We Are Not Really Strangers Couple edition A popular card game. This will allow you to have a deeper conversation with your partner. It looks like a card game, but whether you’re in a new relationship or have been together for a while, this is an intimate gift that encourages deeper communication with your partner.

Medium budget ($50 – $100)

Handmade pottery and stonework

Handmade pottery can be purchased from many talented local artists in your area to add a personal touch to your partner’s living space.range from jewelry dish, incense stand, oil burner, coffee pot, Mug When plate setThese are quirky gifts for partners who have saturated their place with IKEA products and need something more unique and memorable.

High budget ($100+)

make your own bedding set

Linen bedding sets are perfect for Australia’s infamous summer.Blessed with good weather this year Record temperatures in some citiesfully customizable linen sheets that not only look great, but also feel great as you weather the hot summer nights.

bed thread We offer unique bedding bundles with 25 colors to choose from. With mix and match options, these linen sets should suit everyone’s taste.

Self Care and Wellbeing Valentine’s Day Gifts

Low budget (under $50)

wellness card

A great way to show your love on Valentine’s Day is to send a health card.whether oracle cards or affirmation cards, tarot cards, morning mantra or wellness journalis a thoughtful way to say, “I care about you.”

Medium budget ($50 – $100)

local care package

Australian made soaps, natural body scrubs, washes and moisturizers all included in a pampering basket for your partner.Artisan soaps are sold at many local businesses across the country, but at Byron Bay Gifts “Eye Care Package”Artisan Soaps gift basket and a kind gift Namaste Home Here are some handpicked care packages that you’ll love to get started with.

High budget ($100+)

yoga class

Give your partner the gift of yoga this Valentine’s Day. power living is an Australian yoga community offering yoga workshops, classes and retreats across the country. Unlocking your inner Zen this Valentine’s Day is as easy as attending a beginner’s class for beginners. Or consider trying it out in the comfort of your own home. online classThis is a versatile gift that will help your partner relax and unwind.

personalized valentines day gifts

Low budget (under $50)

scrapbook or photo collage

If you want to express your memories with your loved ones, why not create a handmade scrapbook or photo collage?

If you’re a Polaroid fan, edit them Custom Polaroid Wall Art Collage Commemorate the most special memories of you and your partner.

Medium budget ($50 – $100)

custom portraits and gifts

Digital portraits printed from photos Loved by many. A fun and original way to transform a photo of you and your loved ones into a cool work of art.

You can even get personalized items for someone special, like mugs, key chains, water bottles, phone cases, and more.

Etsy A great place to find items you want to personalize.

High budget ($100+)


For an upscale, personalized gift idea, engraving an item with a letter, symbol or date captures your feelings for that person in a unique piece that will last forever.

You can choose to engrave jewelry, purses, household items, and more. cutting board or cheese board.

Check out the various jewelers that do engraving such as Thomas Sabo Also silver store. or, Etsy Another great online outlet for such customized items.

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