The Best Lingerie for a Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot in 2022

There are many photo shoots leading up to a wedding, but one of the most thrilling experiences is the bridal boudoir shoot. Whether as a wedding memento or as a gift to your partner, taking these intimate photos is an unforgettable and empowering experience. We turned to model and confidence coach Ella Harikas for advice.

Taking advantage of model experience, sports illustrated, Under Armor, and leading lingerie brand Halikas all know how to choose the right lingerie to feel sexy and confident in front of the camera. “Know that you are loved and that you are beautiful,” Harikas says. “They love you and everything about you,” stresses Halikas. “You don’t have to hide any part of your body.”

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  • Ella Halikas is a Los Angeles-based model and content creator who embodies confidence and body positivity.she was featured in sports illustrated 2021 swimwear edition and regular models from various lingerie, swimwear and fashion brands.

Her staple is bodysuits, and I love how Dreamgirl’s embroidered mesh teddies combine bridal elements with sultry sheerness. For more coverage, Harikas suggests layering a silk robe like the Victoria’s Secret Lace Inset Robe and unabashedly dangling it over her shoulders.

No matter your body type or lingerie style, here are Halikas’ top lingerie picks and tips for rocking a bridal boudoir photo shoot.


Pricing at time of publication: $36+

“One-piece bodysuits make everyone feel good,” Harikas says. “It pulls you in and really accentuates your curves.” This lace teddy with an adjustable tulle bow further accentuates the waist and gives it a bridal-him touch. It’s the perfect balance of sweetness and sexiness.

colour: White | White | Size range: S-3X | material: lace, mesh

Adore Me Tiana unlined set

love me

Pricing at time of publication: $22

“Any matching set, whether colorful or classic black or red, is a staple to have in your closet,” says Halikas. something you can wear. Unlined balconettes are available up to size 46I with fully adjustable straps and supportive wings. With 9 colors to choose from, you’ll be able to find the right shade to match the theme of your shoot, whether it’s sweet or moody. Please note that the garter belt is sold separately.

colour: 9 | Size range: XS-4X | material: lace, mesh

Victoria's Secret Lace Inset Robe

victoria’s secret

Price at publication: $90

For an extra boost of confidence, Halikas recommends having a silk robe on set. “I feel more powerful and sexy than usual when I’m wearing a robe,” Harikas says. “It would be nice to have something to hang over one shoulder.” Bonus: Flared sleeves and lace trim add extra glamor.

colour: 6 | Size range: XS-XXL | material: polyester

Adore Me Jasmine

love me

Pricing at time of publication: $27

“I love corsets,” Harikas says. “You can make it tighter, further accentuate your curves, lift your chest and hug you. Thanks to the bonnet, sweetheart neckline and lace-back closure, this piece is a find.” It looks like a well-worn vintage treasure.I also love that it comes with matching lace panties and garters.Now all that’s left to do is decide between innocent white and naughty red.

colour: Black/Red, White | Size range: XS-4X | material: satin, lace

Savage X Fenty butterfly effect stockings

Savage x Fenty

Pricing at time of publication: $12

No lingerie look is complete without lace thighs. They play with your legs and lead to some creative photo shoots whether you pull them up or down.Halikas offers his line of trendy lingerie that is both affordable and inclusive. Say you love the Savage X Fenty. Featuring a delicate butterfly pattern, it goes beyond the basic fishnet.

colour: Black | Size range: XS-3X | material: polyamide, elastane

What to Look for in Bridal Boudoir Lingerie


Deciding on the color of your lingerie depends on the overall theme of your boudoir shoot. Are you sticking with your bridal look and planning to wear only white? Then put on a white bodysuit like Dreamgirl’s embroidered mesh her teddy. If you want to embrace your dark and sensual side, try something red or black like the Adore Me Jasmine Unlined Corset. That’s why we love the Tiana Unlined Set from Adore Me, because it comes in nine different colors to suit your mood.

Ashley Canario


Much like color, the choice of lingerie material can vary greatly depending on the theme. Mesh and leather give it an edge, while lace and satin give it a girly look. Halikas says he loves silk and satin items like Victoria’s Secret lace insets like robes. “Any material that makes you feel good and feel confident is great,” she says.


  • Sure, you’ve taken a lot of selfies and group shots with your friends, but posing alone for the camera is a little different. When all the cameras are pointed at you, Halikas says it’s important to take up space and not be afraid to move around.

    “The more I modeled, the more I realized it looked like I was dancing rather than in a tight pose,” says Halikas. “Don’t think too much about the poses. But think about the fluidity and movement between them. Some of the best shots are really the moments in between.”

  • In addition to finding the right lingerie, finding a photographer you can trust and feel comfortable with is just as important. Research their previous work and consider meeting first for a test shoot. Halikas says it’s also important to communicate what look you’re aiming for while shooting and whether there are boundaries. A mood board of inspirational images ensures that you’re both on the same page.

  • Harikas accompanies many of her friends during boudoir shoots and acts as the ultimate hype woman. can bring you,” she says.

    Music is also important. Halikas always has a playlist of girl power anthems. And to set your mood, start practicing poses at home. New lingerie is ideal.

    “Practice in front of a mirror, and when you get there, act as if you were alone in your room,” says Halikas. “It actually connects and engages with the camera, blocking out parts and people outside the room.”

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Emily Cieslak is Assistant Commerce Editor and writes all things beauty and style. Before she contributed to Brides, she worked as a fashion buyer for a major online retailer where she managed the lingerie category. To learn how to dress and pose for a boudoir shoot like a pro, she interviewed model and her confidence coach, Ella Halikas.

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