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now Now that you’re engaged, it’s the perfect time to honor this momentous occasion with a professional photo shoot! If you’re new to engagement photography, we can help. Engagement photography gives you the chance to capture the joy and excitement of the most exciting season of your life before you marry the person you love.

Engagement photos not only document how your relationship has grown, they can be the most used images on your wedding journey until you say, “I do.” These photos can be used for engagement party invitations, engagement announcements, wedding websites, save the date cards, wedding invitations and even personalized wedding favors.

Whether you’re shooting playful, chic, or dramatic photos, the concept of engagement photography isn’t as far-fetched as some might think. The pre-wedding engagement session begins some of the most important wedding relationships with her vendors. It’s also a great way to experiment with the atmosphere and work of your chosen photographer. It’s important to determine how these photos will look and feel. This is also a great time to experiment with wedding day hair and makeup looks. is one of the best ways to see how your makeup will look on professional photos. Think of it as a wedding rehearsal.

photographer’s choice

Choosing the right wedding and engagement photographer comes down to two main factors: the style and personality of the photography and editing. Most photographers offer a mix of portraits, formal poses, and candid shots, but their editorial style is consistent with the brand.

when taking pictures

Consider doing this session at least 6-8 months before your wedding if you plan to use these photos for engagement announcements, social media content, wedding websites, and save the date (if the engagement is long). ).


When choosing an engagement photo spot, choose a location that makes sense or ask for the expertise of a photographer. Here are some location ideas:

• Favorite Places—Where you had your first date together, your current favorite date night location, where the proposal took place, and more.

• Your Next Vacation — If you’re planning a vacation before your wedding and heading to a particularly posh location, find a photographer to take pictures while you’re there.


A good photographer will let you strike comfortable poses that look natural. Focus on being present and enjoying each other. Enjoy it and show off your personality! When the day of the shoot comes, forget about everything else and focus on each other. That’s why you are there. Show affection in public with sweet kisses. Embrace your partner as you would when you are alone. This always makes for great photos. Incorporate a few props into your shoot, such as your favorite books or items from sports or hobbies you both enjoy. Adding meaningful items to your shoot will make your shoot more special. Stick to reality and forget all the pressures of a photo shoot.

what to wear

The first rule to follow when choosing an engagement photo outfit is to dress like the best version of yourself. Soft, subtle neutral colors are recommended for a classic and timeless look. You don’t want to match your partner, but you do want the colors to complement each other. Coordinate, but don’t try to be twins. Choose pastels, muted tones, neutrals and cool shades. Beige, taupe, black and white are the most attractive and go well with any setting. Remember that comfort comes first.

What time of day is best?

Sunset (or golden hour as most people call it these days) is the most popular and the best time to take beautiful pictures. Good lighting is usually guaranteed. Deep reds and soft hues create an intimate atmosphere.

Nighttime is also a great time. If you have the opportunity to capture a starry sky, a beautiful cityscape, or an illuminated billboard, it will add a pop to your nighttime photos.

It doesn’t have to be a run-of-the-mill shot, but looking for inspiration online can really make the photo yours. Here are some great engagement photo ideas:

• At home — This place is perfect for candid and authentic photography.

• Beach — Unpack your swimsuit, grab your partner and head to the beach for some sexy photos.

• Where we first met — it contains all the emotions you need in that moment.

• Nature Walks — There’s nothing more romantic than a walk in nature at its best.

• Bubbly — Popping bottles to celebrate the moment is a fun shot.

• Select iconic landmarks.

• Almost anywhere in front of a perfect sunset.

Engagement photos aren’t required, but they’re worth the time and effort, but high-quality photos are worth it. Do not capture this magical moment and share it with the world. Engagement photos are one of the first things she does with a new fiancée.

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