The Family Chantel’s Winter Gets Festive In Ravishing Red Photo Shoot

Family Chantel star Winter Everett’s new job as a model is going well. Her 90th Her fiancé alum showed off her festive side in a Christmas shoot.

Everett in winter The Family Chantelle After her 100-pound weight loss, she became a professional model and recently posed for a Christmas photo shoot. 90 day fiancee Star Chantelle Everett, Winter was an overshadowed figure, putting her sister in the spotlight for her relationship with Pedro Jimeno. The Family Chantelle In Season 4, when Pedro and Chantel split and ended in divorce, Winter gave fans a glimpse into her weight loss journey. It started when she had her gastric sleeve surgery, her weight in the winter before her procedure she was 300 pounds.

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Winter took to Instagram to repost her shoots,” Originally shared by @fatimaannbutler. She posed with two of her other models in her special shoot, and despite her being a novice, she seemed just as confident as them. rice field.She kept her hair long for the winter and wore bright red lipstick for the occasion. The Family Chantelle In the same bright red hue as the star’s Winter curves, she accessorized with a pair of high black block heels. When a behind-the-scenes video was shared by her makeup artist, Winter commented:love love love,And even her brother, River Knight Everett, cheered for his sister.

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Family Chantelle Winter Everett is an Instagram influencer

Family Chantelle star Winter Everett, dressed in a green sweater dress and modeled against a brick wall

Winter became an Instagram influencer thanks to her reality TV fame after appearing on 90 day fianceeShe has amassed over 272,000 followers which must be helping too 90 day fiancee Celebrity Wintour gets a modeling job that she seems to be actively pursuing after losing weight. However, rather than relying on internet fame to make a living in 2022, Winter seems to be working a full-time job as well.The Atlanta-based reality star also works as an ophthalmologist. Winter recently filmed herself doing a Netflix viral Wednesday challenge at work.

Winter hasn’t revealed any further details about her new gig, but she appears to be a certified medical professional, much like sister Chantelle, who is a nurse. It can be useful, among other things, in examining the patient’s eyes, such as diagnosing disorders. Chantelle works in the medical field and with her current job she seems to be earning in the six figures. 90 day fiancee Star Chantelle recently started working as a traveling nurse. She works in California and a week she hopes to earn over $3,500.

Winter may also have long-term career plans in mind, but it seems like she’s still taking it slow and fun. Fans probably didn’t even know Winter’s little secret. The Family Chantelle It remains unclear about TLC, especially after Pedro filed for divorce from Chantel. In that sense, it seems like a pretty great idea for reality TV star Wintour to focus more on her eye tech and modeling career instead of relying on her. 90 day fiancee Influence.

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Source: @fatimaannbutler/Instagram, Winter Everett/Instagram

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