The Most Gorgeous Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas You Can Totally DIY

Oh hot stuff. Yeah you! Thinking about scheduling a boudoir photo shoot? For yourself or your partner, a boudoir photo shoot is a fun way to celebrate your amazing body and yourself. Navigate where to start And to help inspire you, we’ve rounded up the best boudoir photo shoot ideas that will convince you. should do it Take a picture of my super sexy self! Fun Fact: When photographing your boudoir, remember that you are the one who decides how you want it to look. When it comes to boudoir outfits, it’s up to you to wear (or undress) everything from jeans and camisoles to sexy lingerie. Looking for a studio shoot? home session? A professional photographer or his BFF who knows your best angles?

Boudoir shoots are all about feeling sexy, having fun and loving yourself. So, unless you’re taking pictures yourself, choose a photographer you’re comfortable with and choose what to wear or not to wear! – It makes you feel the sexiest. Open a bottle of champagne and strike a pose.

No matter your jeans size or cup size, whether you’re in a couple or not, boudoir photo shoots are meant to empower you. Scroll through to find boudoir outfit ideas for everyone. body – Including plus-size boudoir costumes! We found ideas, costumes, and props to make boudoir shoot shopping a breeze.

boudoir photo shoot ideas

No big production required.

Boudoir photography is not Have got Big things to do, like the Silja Danielsen model below. Invite a trusted friend to come and capture your seductive side. Throw in whatever boudoir outfit you find sexy, like Silja’s Levi’s and a silky lace bra paired with a fresh face and natural hair? You look like yourself, you look like you feel yourself. win/win

We also love this red bralette from Savage x Fenty that really pops.

Show off your assets.

Love your big and rich booty? Get a closeup. All the squats you’ve been doing aren’t in vain! Tell your photographer your favorite body parts so he or she can capture them in the best light. Or… how about nothing?

Enjoy it!

Boudoir photography rules: Don’t take it too seriously. So let’s throw in her peace sign, stick out her tongue and dance in the kitchen like Jessica Bate did below. Calvin Klein’s simple bra and underwear set will showcase your personality (and hot body!).

Grab your partner for a couple shoot.

The only thing sexier than one hot woman on a boudoir shoot is one hot woman with a hot partner on a boudoir shoot. Photographer Jean Pease captured this very sexy couple in her natural habitat, in bed. A photo they will cherish forever. And come to think of it, all you need is a pair of jeans, a good hair day, and a good partner.

Decorate your studio with flowers.

If you’re the “go big or go home” type, go big – very, very big. Posable like a studio full of gorgeous flowers. Pair the floral print with a lacy bra and a casual pose to say, “Oh, this old studio is full of flowers? NBD.”

Pose like an angel in the sky.

because you that is Angel in the sky! Lean back and bask in your charm with gorgeous boudoir photo sets and outfits: custom linyage bodysuits, faux fur throws, pillows and sheer white curtains. I wish I could.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day (or anytime!) in style.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, show your love for love and self-love with a boudoir shoot surrounded by lots of red heart-shaped balloons. Jack Kennedy has done it here, and the results are playfully fun. For a memorable Valentine’s Day, why not gift your partner some of these balloons and a few prints from your boudoir shoot?

look like yourself. When the boudoir photos are back, do you want to look like a pin-up girl or just like yourself? Embrace those curves, that smile, your last inch – real Makeup that enhances your natural beauty and lingerie that’s perfect for spending the night with your partner. That way, years later when you look back at your photos, you’ll find yourself sexy and sexy.

This paisley cage bra is also really fun and really sweet.

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