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The Music Man Project Choir and the Royal Marines Band recorded a track called Music is Magic to help musicians with disabilities. The choir that Sir David presided over for his twenty years and sang at his funeral is also involved in the late politician’s labor of love, Children’s Parliament.

Backed by The Daily Express and Wakelet Microsoft 365, we’ll take over the House of Representatives in the debate next spring.

In the meantime, the project is carried out daily by St Pierre’s School, Lee-on-Sea, in Sir David’s former constituency of Southend West.

In October 2021, a parliamentarian of nearly 40 years was stabbed to death during electoral district surgery in the town of Essex.

The Music Man Project, which he supported, was founded in 2000 by David Stanley.

“My mind is full of ideas for how the Music Man Project and the Children’s Council can work together,” Stanley said.

“I am also pleased to be involved in the acquisition of Congress next year. I think the issue of access and opportunity for people with learning disabilities is a great idea to discuss.”

Stanley, who is the government’s Accessibility Ambassador for People with Disabilities and Arts and Culture Access and SEND Music Advisor for the National Plan for Music Education, said MP is the biggest advocate for his charity.

He explained: “There are many people who do not have a way to change their destiny due to the nature of their learning disabilities.

“I do this through music by putting them out there.

“David believed it and he really believed them.

“He would be beaming with pride. I can imagine him looking down and saying, ‘Go on, David.’ He says the same to his students.” I guess.”

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