“They canceled the photo shoot with my kids”: Kanye West Declares War against $3.61 Billion Company, Sends a Stern Warning to GAP for Stealing his Ideas

Kanye West is back, this time with another feud. The American rapper and singer got into an altercation with Eazy for not letting her gap attend the conference. This isn’t the first time Ye hasn’t been included in an ongoing deal for her own brand.Almost a month ago, Adidas did the same by not letting him know about the Yeezy Day celebration. scratch The rapper is known to speak his mind out loud, whether it’s in his personal life or his professional endeavours.

Kanye West

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Kanye West slams Yeezy gap

On Monday, Yeezy Gap posted photos of an upcoming design collaboration with Balenciaga. The next day, Kanye West took to her own Instagram and accused her Easy Gap of not attending the meeting. He posted a photo of his clothes and accessories scattered around the room and a pair of chromatic shades in the focal point of the photo. The caption reads,Did the Gap hold a meeting about me without me?

chromatic shades
Ye West slams Yeezy Gap
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On Wednesday, he accused the brand of canceling a photo shoot involving his children. flashing light Rapper wrote:However, they canceled the photo shoot with my children in Japan without my knowledge.

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Relations between Ye and Gap are deteriorating

In August, Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga made headlines for its marketing tactics. Apparently, the brand isn’t displayed on hangers or mannequins, but sold from “garbage bags”. It’s how Ye wants to sell his product.

The collection comes in a large black bag that resembles a garbage bag. When West was asked about the move, he said he was inspired by “The Homeless.” He further added:I’m an innovator and I’m not here to apologize for my ideas.

Kanye West
Relations between Ye West and Gap are deteriorating

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Kanye West also uploaded a video of himself ranting in front of Gap executives.

Source: Complex

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