Think outside the box this fall for portrait photoshoots

Are you looking for some creative outside-the-box locations for your photoshoots this fall? Here are some ideas that are perhaps a little more unconventional.

You might think on the surface they are relatively ordinary, but sometimes it pays to take that extra creative step.

The hills

Have you ever slept on somewhere top of a mountain? I mean literally on top of a mountain. Hike or take a four-wheeler and get to breathtaking. Sunrise, sunset … fall has the most magical light. lucky (like we did) and have a bride and groom helicopter in and capture something once in a lifetime.

Not everyone is quite that lucky. But imagine taking a few friends, a model and an incredible dress? The fresh air, the light, the scenery … magical.

We were just getting set up to capture a wonderful sunset atop Mt. Sterling at Craig’s Hut (perhaps you have seen the iconic Aussie movie, “The Man from Snowy River”). , little did they know there were an additional 30 photographers there to capture the action. Talk about paparazzi!

The beach, lakes, waterfalls

Sure, anyone can take a few pretty snaps at the beach.

A cliff over the ocean exposed rocks at low tide. Get amongst the water (safely) and captured Mother Nature at her best. I’m not above asking my subject to get IN the water either. I have a thing for long flowy dresses, but it doesn’t have to be long flowy dresses. What about capturing great memories of friends by a lake, in a lake or waterfall (if it’s still warm enough where you are )? There are always mermaids…

The zoo or animal kingdom

Normally you might visit the zoo for the animals, but check out if they have encounter programs; meerkats, penguins, dolphins and more. What about the bird aviary or butterfly house?

Really want to add in an adrenalin rush try swimming with sharks, crocodiles (or alligators), holding a snake … or a tarantula? Or perhaps something a bit more cute and cuddly like a koala (like my daughters — did I say cute and cuddly Check out those claws!) They are seriously cute though.

The gardens and parks

Capturing portraits amongst all that autumn color is just magical! Get the kids (and adults) throwing some leaves. Or set up a friend or model in some matching color outfits and capture some beautiful portraits.

What about sculpture parks, and serenity grounds? Take a step back and take in the surrounding views as well as your subject. It doesn’t have to be posed — candid natural images are stunning too.


Here is one I need to add to my list — a cemetery. Do you have an interesting old cemetery near you? I have seen some fascinating older cemeteries or mausoleums in other countries, sadly we don’t have too many here. I would love to do a photoshoot, somewhere like this … can you imagine?

Think about adding a little adventure

You don’t have to go far, but going on an adventure with friends is fun. The whole thing becomes an experience, the memories can last a lifetime and you may just catch something completely unique and unforgettable. Let’s face it — life is all about experiences, right?

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