This Engagement Photo Shoot At Olive Garden Is Surprisingly Stunning

Unless you’re Tennessee-based photographer Shea Cravens, you’ve probably never strolled through your local olive garden and thought, “This would make a great backdrop for an engagement photo shoot!” understood. You’re probably obsessed with the idea of ​​endless breadsticks and chicken parmigiana.

But for Cravens, Olive Garden immediately came to mind when a newly engaged couple wanted a slightly different location for their engagement photos.

“I asked Shay, our photographer and long-time friend, if there was a place she’d been wanting to shoot but hadn’t yet, and she mentioned Olive Garden!” Engaged Couple Carlsey Bibb, one half of the company, said in an interview with BuzzFeed:

Cravens told BuzzFeed that, oddly enough, the idea for the Olive Garden photo shoot came during lunch at an Italian-American chain.

“I looked around the building and said to my mother, ‘This would be a great place to take a picture’… When I started planning to take Carlsey and Cayden’s engagement photos, Carlsey asked my I completely trusted the idea. Thank you very much,” Cravens said.

In a video Cravens shared on both Instagram and TikTok, we see what Olive Garden looks like in a charming Italian city. Cravens received a lot of positive feedback for her engagement photos in her Olive Garden.

“I haven’t taken pictures at other restaurants, but I did do a photo shoot outside the Big Lot because it was a really nice area that caught my eye to take pictures!” she said. I was.

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