TikTok Influencer Estefania Saavedra Pays MDCOB a Visit During Week of Welcome

2.8 million TikTok fans, no doubt.

There is something special about Estefania Saavedra (@estefisavvy). She is a content creator and comedian, and her TikTok persona and her presence on Instagram have garnered her many fans. An undocumented immigrant from Ecuador and a DACA recipient, she earned her notoriety for introducing “Manitos” or Tiny Hands to emphasize her storytelling and comedy. I was. She is also an expert in her technique of make-up and shares Maquillage’s ‘art’ on her social site. Content that led to partnerships with Clinique and Neutrogena.

Saavedra stopped by UHD on Monday, January 17 to visit Marilyn Davis College of Business (MDCOB) students and alumni during Welcome Week. In her under-30 room, Estefania explores her origins, including her upbringing as an immigrant and her struggles with mental health while living in Houston during her pandemic. shared the story of In fact, it was the latter that led her to launch her TikTok site in 2020 (her catchphrase is “anxiety makes me funny”). Since then, her TikTok base has grown to 2.8 million followers. Her Instagram fan count goes up to her nearly 270,000.

During an intimate 45-minute session, students engaged in conversation with Saavedra, asking questions and discussing her career and life.

  • A memorable moment in her career? “When I hit 2,000 followers, I said to my mom, ‘I did it. [laughs] But when someone stopped me at the store and realized it was me even with the mask on, it was really cool. ”
  • How does she deal with her ‘dark days’? “I intentionally share vulnerable times. I want people to know that it’s okay to not be okay. When I document my breakdown, people say, ‘You need attention.’ I’m just trying to collect them.” But showing your vulnerability is actually the hardest thing to do. I hope someone who is hurt sees it and knows they are not alone. ”
  • What is her ultimate goal? “I have a vision board, but no end goal, just an idea of ​​my future. I celebrate that, and that’s the goal.”
  • What advice would you give to students who want to start their own social media careers? “Focus on what you love You can’t create great content for something you’re not passionate about. And don’t let anything stop you. Do not give up. If you love what you do, keep moving forward. you will see success. ”

The conversation ended with Vice Chancellor Christine Poleski (JD) presenting Saavedra with a certificate of appreciation for UHD MDCOB. Saavedra met students face-to-face with her Ed-U-Gator for a photo shoot in the college lobby. She was “honored to have Tik Tok social media influencer Estefania Sarvedrea to help normalize access to services for mental health,” Polesky said. I was.

Saavedra stayed to attend the MDCOB Loteria on Monday night. She shared her own experiences on her Instagram and her TikTok, giving her millions of followers a window into her UHD.

“We are grateful to Estefania for sharing her experience as a successful social media entrepreneur, doing what she loves and aligning it with the financial successes of herself and her family,” Polesky said. “She is an inspiring example of showing students what can be achieved despite their disabilities.”

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