TikTok Is Impressed (and Confused) by Bella Hadid’s Clip-Free Hair Tutorial — Watch It Here

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Have you ever seen a girl in class get her hair done in a cool style and tapped her on the shoulder for a tutorial? And how do you feel about Bella Hadid?

Bella (@babybella777) is very active on TikTok, posting everything from OOTDs and photo shoot previews to sandwich recipes and lip-syncing videos with friends. A recent video showed Bella throwing her hair into a messy bun with a snippet of Snoop Dogg’s affirmation song. Doggyland in the background.

“Whenever you’re feeling down and have a negative thought repeat after me/Come on guys/No one better than me/Today will be a great day,” Snoop raps. A fan joked in the comments section, “If I were Bella Hadid, I’d want to be myself.”

Some people noted that Bella was able to tie her hair without using hair accessories. One commenter asked. “Did she just tie her hair up?” another perplexed user replied.

The model appeared to have her new-found blonde hair tied up in a makeshift ponytail before twisting it into a bun, pulling the loose ends into the bun and tying a knot. Practice Bella’s messy bun technique so you don’t have to worry about being stuck without hair clips.

If you want to keep your long hair out of your face and stick with good old fashioned hair accessories, here are some of our favorite options, from Deborah Pagani hairpins that create all kinds of updos to classic claw clips that you can toss. . all bags.

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