Top 10 Most Followed Tamil Actors On Instagram

Top 10 Most Followed Tamil Actors on Instagram

Instagram provides a glimpse into the daily lives, eating habits, entertainment and interests of everyone, including celebrities. “Following” on Instagram is entirely based on the quality and attractiveness of your posts.The number of followers and likes determines the popularity of Instagram users. Following your favorite celebrities excites your followers as Instagram’s Stories option gives you an insider’s perspective in real time and the Live option gives you the chance to communicate with them directly.

List Top 10 Most Followed Tamil Actors on Instagram

1. Kajal Agarwal
(15 million followers)

Elegant photo shoots, stunning makeovers and exquisite formal wear are all over her Instagram. Her cooking is also one of her passions. Recently she made her cakes of samosas, brownies and carrots. In addition to following her lockdown procedures, she has encouraged her fellow citizens to stay indoors.Her nephew Ishaan is pictured in some of her sweetest photos.A young child is her son of his sister Ishaan.

2. Shruti Haasan
(14.7 million followers)

From funny remarks with Danish Site, to silly stories about how tired she is right after a workout, to storytelling cooking, cosmetic tricks, and her ferocious cat, Clara, who scratches her every once in a while. world. She shares her exercise advice. She freely admitted that she had recently had lip surgery and has also expressed her opinions on cosmetic procedures. Additionally, she worships her father Kamal Haasan and sister Akshara Haasan.

3. Illeana De Cruz
(12.8 million followers)

If you look at Ileana’s Instagram account, you’ll see that she especially loves visiting beaches. She visited almost every beach during her vacation. In an Instagram post, she also refuted the pregnancy allegations by stating that she was not pregnant. He claimed that he was starving because he was never satisfied with his appearance and was not thin enough. Anorexia and bulimia are names for these disorders. Ileana is determined to get back on her feet and overcome her negative body image concerns, and she is now much healthier and embracing her own body.

4. Tamanna Bhatia
(11.3 million followers)

Tamannaah’s Instagram account is adorned with her stunning beauty and you should follow it. She posts ads and trailers for TV shows and movies, emphasizing her athletic values. She and her dad have a great relationship. She posts that her epidemic has been like an emotional rollercoaster, and she’s incredibly sympathetic through this pandemic predicament.She has a skylight view from her apartment. is amazing.

5. Darqa Salman
(6.3 million followers)

While he was a star in several Tamil movies, his inherent charm, smile and body language helped him win over the hearts of Tamil audiences. What not to appreciate about this profile ?his rough, overgrown hair and beard, his birthday wishes sent via posts to his old friends, his poems for his children, that he is a father without a father’s “body.” the fact that there is His photoshoot images are something to ponder for a while.

6. Aditi Rao Hidari
(5.4 million followers)

Aditi Rao exudes beauty that comes from nature. Although she has appeared in only a few Tamil films, she has shown herself to be a very capable performer. Zoe and Gigi are her two of her dogs. She is an absolute expert in yoga and she loves practicing yoga. She also encouraged others to donate money to those affected by the coronavirus pandemic, raising her awareness about it and she donated herself.Her pastel colors The outfit and simple makeup match perfectly.

7. Hansika Motwani
(3.9 million followers)

Hansika is a smart and open-minded person, in contrast to being frequently portrayed as a tame and naive young woman in Tamil cinema. She loves to travel and has an expensive wardrobe. CEO of Free Spirit is the title of her bio. Each caption is witty, sarcastic, and silly. She has done numerous solo her interior photo sessions during her lockdown. She travels to the Maldives frequently and regularly shares nostalgic memories of her time there.

8. Anilda Ravichandar
(3.8 million followers)

Anirudh’s Instagram features his incredible geometric studio and dancing to music. Additionally, he posts a photo of himself in his youth with the phrase “Minirudh.” During the lockout, he started working on a project for Sivakarthikeyan’s film The Doctor. They performed for us, made videos, and gave us laughs while the pandemic was going on. I forgot the corona awareness message.

9. Anushka Shetty
(3.7 million followers)

Anushka worked hard and rose to fame. Her Instagram photos reveal a lot about who she is. She values ​​her friends, family and followers. There are very few images of herself. She recently surpassed 3 million followers. Lana was her best friend, so she wanted Lana and her husband to have a long and happy married life.She is serious, serious and kind.

10. Amara Paul
(3.5 million followers)

Amara Paul’s Instagram is already flooded with images of her hanging out with friends and modeling. Her painting essay, Dreaming Big and Wild, is the most interesting. She divides it into chapters and offers advice through entertaining and relevant subtitles based on her own life experiences. She also has strong ideas about how women should be treated in society. Dedicated. Amara Paul is a superwoman trying to help other sisters in distress.

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