Vaani Kapoor Hot Photos & Video: Bollywood Actress Poses in Bralette and Sexy Thigh-High Slit Skirt for New Photoshoot

War, Shamsherah, When bificle Famed actress Vaani Kapoor took to Instagram to share a couple of cheeky snaps from a recent photoshoot. The 34-year-old beautiful leg is posed to showcase her toned, smooth legs in her lilac coordinating set with her plain sleeveless bralette and sexy thigh-length slit her skirt. I was. Varni captioned her image “mood” and cited American television personality Kim Kardashian as her inspiration. Deepika Padukone XXX-Tra Pasan Song Besharam Rang Hot Pics Online Free Download: Check out Deepika’s sexy look in SRK’s spy thriller movie.

Vaani Kapoor looks smoking hot in a lilac coordinating set!

Watch Vani Kapoor video

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