Viral TikTok Trend Reveals Moms Transforming Into Their Daughters, Showing How Clothes And Makeup Play A Huge Role In How Old You Appear To Be

There have been some pretty weird TikTok trends in the last few years. From questionable pink sauce to embarrassing confessions about infidelity, social media apps never stop surprising us. One has proven to be adorable. Various daughters have shared before and after videos of their mothers transforming themselves into themselves with costumes and makeup. A debate rages on about contemporary perceptions.

Viral TikTok trend shows mothers turning into daughters

Various girls on TikTok share before and after they enter the room dressed in what their mother usually wears. This time I was wearing my daughter’s clothes and makeup. It’s a cute and surprising transformation, and many people have pointed out that “just wearing her daughter’s costume makes me look a lot younger”.

“This trend shows that aging is rooted in our perception of what is modern,” wrote Twitter user @ghostinmypocket. “Many of them looked decades younger.”

One mother goes out in a graphic off-the-shoulder t-shirt with flared jeans, sneakers and headphones. Another wears her baggy, low-cut Y2K-inspired jeans with a crop top and silver belt. Another mother suddenly looks more than a decade younger, wearing black boots, bootcut jeans, her choker necklace and her leather jacket with red lipstick. There’s even a mom who looks like a younger version of herself in her daughter’s miniskirt dress with sheer patterned tights and knee-high boots.

The compilation video went viral on Twitter, garnering over 450,000 likes and nearly 53,000 retweets. It has become a hot topic that clothes and makeup have a great influence on society’s perception of age. Someone shared a picture of Elizabeth Taylor when she was a teenager. The next same photo has been edited to look more youthful.

“I think about this a lot. It’s incredible, for example, that Elizabeth Taylor is only 16 here, but when you suddenly apply modern 16-year-old hair and makeup to her, it makes sense.” We are,” tweets @itsmeadoughnut.

Many people have commented to talk about how the media and Hollywood portray women differently today. It looks like

In the 1990s, a 45-year-old man wore pearls, a buttoned cardigan, and a collared shirt. However, similar characters in today’s films wear her makeup differently and dress more youthfully. The way women age today is very different from the way women were expected to age 100 years ago. It makes me wonder what society’s expectations will be by the time we reach a more mature age.

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