Why is Lizzo being dragged into the Balenciaga scandal? Singer comes under scrutiny over resurfaced photoshoot

The ongoing fuss over Balenciaga has pushed many celebrities into the limelight, and this time singer Lizzo has been dragged into the fold.

Netizens have been waiting for statements from celebrities who have previously worked with the brand about their recently released Spring 2023 advertising campaign. Kanye West tweeted a number of messages on the subject of forgiveness.

But netizens aren’t content with the lack of response from other celebrities, dragging the Grammy-winning singer into the mix. I’m here.

Did everyone’s favorite speak out against Balenciaga and denounce them, or does she still stand by? https://t.co/0qRhXvvWXs

Trigger Warning: This article contains confidential information. Reader discretion is advised.

Netizens want Lizzo to slam Balenciaga and change her song lyrics again

poses for the September 2022 cover of ell ukLizzo wore the now infamous Balenciaga caution tape that Kim Kardashian previously wore at Paris Fashion Week in March. The Twitterverse About dumb time A singer who speaks out about ongoing issues.

The rapper and singer at the 2022 Met Gala (Image via Getty Images)
The rapper and singer at the 2022 Met Gala (Image via Getty Images)

Balenciaga’s unfortunate Spring 2023 advertising campaign continues to face backlash. Images from the campaign included children posing with teddy bears in bondage-inspired costumes, and the longer people looked at the images, the more disturbing themes emerged. .

Balenciaga has been accused of promoting child pornography, abuse, Satanism, and sacrifice, among other things, throughout its campaign. A netizen claimed that the tape read “Baal” instead, hinting that Brando worshiped the ancient Kaananite demon Baal.

Balenciaga campaign featuring young children (Image from Twitter)
Balenciaga campaign featuring young children (Image from Twitter)

This prompted netizens to ask Lizzo to blame the Spanish fashion house for being seen wearing a dress a few months earlier. I am asking you to about the damn time, It also features the brand name, albeit in a modified version.

It’s certainly quieter in terms of entertainment. No public outcry.No cancellation #balenciaga. @Lizzo @iamcardib Are we succumbing to the idea that culture knows what’s going on and turns a blind eye? https://t.co/DA4KIM4T2J

waiting @Lizzo to change #balenciaga her song lyrics. Sure, she changed the word “spazz” in her song, so you wouldn’t want to be associated with a brand fetishizing kids.

Remember when Lizzo used the word spaz to piss people off so it was so cool to change the lyrics of the song? #probably not

Yes, we should hold Kim K accountable for his relationship with Balenciaga, but @Lizzo did you say something about it? ? We cannot put pressure on those who tolerate child abuse.

Some people were mad at Katy and Kesha for Jeffrey Dahmer’s name dropping, but I’ve never seen anyone get mad at him for being name dropped. #balenciaga With their songs like Lizzo

Speaking of Balenciaga, the people who jumped on Lizzo and changed “Spas” were terribly quiet about her changing “Balenciaga” and didn’t say a word about her Balenciaga cover.

it’s really a shame @Lizzo & @Sam Smith Balenciaga appears on the song among other artists, and they too have remained silent on the matter. I’m silencing their music to my ears from now on, so silence speaks volumes.

@Lizzo Where did you take your anger out on Balenciaga?

When Lizzo was first released girls Earlier this year, she faced backlash for using the word “spaz” on a track. People called her use of the word Ablelist and said it was considered defamatory in certain places like England. , the singer re-released the track after changing the lyrics.

Despite the re-release, flutists faced another type of backlash, with some arguing that artists should not bow to public pressure to change their art.

Netizens are not only keen to get Lizzo to change the lyrics of her song, but Sam Smith and Kim Petras are facing similar heat.People remove Balenciaga from new viral hit is demanding Impure.

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