Why Isaac Rochell And Allison Kuch Are The Cutest NFL Couple

Meet the cutest couple in the league, Isaac Rochelle and Allison Cucci. If you haven’t heard of this couple yet, let me introduce them (and their adorable online feud) despite their combined social media presence! I’ve been following her Allison Kuch and Isaac Rochell on her TikTok for months: Allison is her NFL wife down-to-earth who is very proud of her husband, and Isaac is on the field, A supportive husband who loves his wife online, at home. Their small feuds over who was more famous, such as the NFL betting via custom jerseys, garnered national attention.The two are great examples of love and a high-pressure, high-profile environment. I think I work at

Isaac Rochelle was drafted into the NFL by the Los Angeles Chargers in 2017, moved to the Colts in 2021, and moved to the Cincinnati Browns in 2022. New City. Coverage of their relationship has spanned multiple platforms, with the NFL and various other companies joining the Kuch vs. Rochelle prestige race. The Raiders’ official social media pages also celebrated their success as a couple by inviting Allison onto the field for fun activities and a new jersey.

Here is their relationship timeline!

2014: they met

Isaac and Alison met at a Notre Dame party where Isaac was playing soccer. Allison was visiting her sister at a campus party, and the two connected immediately.The next morning, Isaac invited her out for a coffee date, and her love blossomed. They continued dating for the next three years, as Isaac continued playing football and Allison traveled to see his games.

2017-2018: Dissolution and re-challenge

Long distance relationships are very difficult and have their own set of challenges on top of normal dating life. The two broke up in a long-distance relationship after dating for three years. sad. However, the two felt disconnected from each other, so a year later they reconnected and fell more in love than ever before!

2020: They got engaged

Their engagement took place on the set of the podcast, where Isaac quipped, “So, Allie, I want to know, are you free for the rest of your life?” Ally’s reaction is cute and the proposal video is also cute. Not too flashy, perfectly planned and executed in a memorable way. After five and a half years of dating, she said yes to being together forever after falling in love at 19 and walking side by side through football madness.

See below!

2020: Elopement

Isaac and Alison were surprised to find themselves eloped on the beach just months after their engagement. They focused on their love for each other and performed an intimate ceremony standing at a heart drawn in the sand. . Too sweet!

April 2021: They got married too

After running away, they had a fairytale wedding in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, with friends and family. Mr. and Mrs. Rochelle’s wedding was tropical his bohemian theme with neutral colors and lots of florals. Alison did her wedding makeup herself, too. she looked stunning!

The couple then traveled around the world during their first year of marriage, spending time with each other and seeing all the places they wanted to visit together. Football, the beach and true love occupied their lives.

Now: They are so cute!

With both social media accounts taking off, their love story gained national attention. Rochell v. Mr. Kuch’s online feud is an entertaining way for them to add a bit of competition to their marriage. Their willingness to laugh and not take life too seriously is refreshing!

Allison has used her platform to show both the pros and cons of being married to an NFL player. She simultaneously demonstrates the constant moving process, visits to the “office” (as she calls it), and other aspects of being a content creator, NFL wife, and owner of her Airbnb. increase. Outstanding style! I love outfits that match the men’s team colors!

Isaac is very supportive and affectionate with his wife, posting lovely videos of their time together. He constantly comments on how much he misses her when they are apart and celebrates her wins the same way she celebrates him. Shows how obsessed he is with the love of his life! *cue of tears*

Best of luck to the happy couple in their third year of marriage!

at the end

With all sorts of horror stories in the limelight, it’s nice to meet a couple who are truly in love.

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