Zach Shallcross Says His Season of ‘The Bachelor’ Is Free of “Dumb Drama”

Zack claims no ‘ridiculous drama’ in his ‘Bach’ seasonCraig Sjodin – Getty Images

PSA Courtesy of Upcoming Bachelor Zach Charcross: Don’t Watch This Season If You Just Watch Bachelor’s degree for “silly drama.”

at this point Bachelor Purists who are 100% #WatchingForTheRightReasons, or Bachelor Nation skeptics who love “silly dramas” and are still not convinced there is a way to make a full season. Bachelor’s degree You can continue without it. So yeah, Zach is out and touting the hell of his turn at the series lead and he’s got the purest season of a love journey documentary ever filmed on ABC cameras. I almost think there are.

“I want to say to the critics and fans, if you want to watch something or this show and actually see love and not a scene or an act, you really want to see this. I think you will like [season],” He said every week Ahead of his season premiere on Monday, January 23rd. [but] I may not be your man Concise and simple. “

Zack also said we every week He and Rachel had fallen short in the communications department before the dramatic fantasy suite weeks split during the final season. bacheloretteAnd FWIW, sounds like the drama he went through single The contestants know exactly what he wants from his time as the show’s lead, which only made him less likely to run into drama as The Bachelor. What’s inside is the true love, the epic romance that the franchise has sold us all on since day one.

“I feel like Bachelor world-Bachelor/Bachelor—they literally coined different terms of love. “Fall in love, fall in love, I love you”. For me, yeah, that was definitely what was on my mind. What do you think of when you wake up? There is only one love, but there are many degrees of love that lead to it. And your heart knows what it wants. It can pull in many directions and it can happen. ”

So get ready for the least dramatic season you know Bachelor’s degree ever.

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